News Story Number One

A Story of Nicholas Dignen

I’d like to tell you about Nicholas Dignen, he is the type of person who has learned to appreciate the good people in his life. Nicholas was eighteen when he found out his father, Steve Dignen, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The history Nicholas had with Steve was not so memorable because he was interested in bonding with his father. He always seeked advice and love from his mother, Lisa Dignen. His family noticed there was something wrong with Steve and quickly rushed him to the hospital. The radiologist concluded that Steve had a couple of tumors in his stomach. Nicholas became depressed; thinking of all the times he denied the love of his father or even neglecting the idea of having a father/son bonding relationship. He could only think about the worse outcome from his father’s sickness. Nicholas was told that his father had six months to live.

Hearing this news, Nicholas lost all hope his own future, thus being, he wanted to quit going to school, get a small job to help his family with the hospital bills. Lisa was not quite fond of the idea and instead forced him to attend school to pursue his education and further future career. Nicholas was afraid to go back to school and believing that his father could potentially not attend any of his school events such as prom, graduation, senior awards night or even watch him go off to college. Anything Nicholas did, it reminded him of how much he regretted not appreciating his father, such as watching children disrespect their father or listening to his girlfriend complain about her father. He found himself annoyed or agitated each time something reminded him of his father’s sickness.

Eventually Steve was treated and went through Chemotherapy. Nicholas could not have been more happier to find out that his father was cured. Since Steve has been cured, he grew much appreciation for his father. Nicholas learned to not take a loved one’s life or love for granted. Today, his father is happy and healthy and their bond is stronger than ever.



I learned the value of typography and incorporating photos into them. I learned that sometimes simplicity is more than enough. This project was easy in the sense of typography, however I struggled more with finding out the background of Washington, D.C and what was most interesting; in other words, what would catch the viewers eye. My submission could have been improved by adding more type. I could possible apply my knowledge to my future assignments by practicing and adding to my portfolio. This would be good content to apply to my portfolio and practice a lot more.

Project 1

I learned about the usage of gestalt and how you can make anything out of black and white shapes. I underestimated this project, the concept was easy but the design was fairly a difficult task for me. I found myself comparing my work to others and wanted to produce just as good as other students have. My submission could have been improved by putting more design elements into my work instead of making it as simple as I did. There is no way the professor could have improved the assignment because the project was pretty much straight forward. I could apply this knowledge by incorporating it into my graphic design work for my internships or future career. The example that the professor has pulled up while he was critiquing really inspired me to put my best work forward.



I learned about the difficulties to put a metaphor together visually. It took me a while to figure out what metaphor was appropriate enough show the actual meaning behind the metaphor. Since metaphors can come off to be confusing sometimes; I decided to go with the phrase, “speak with a forked tongue”. This indicates that a person cannot be trusted. Where one person’s secrets are being poured into another person’s ear. I put together a woman’s mouth with snakes swarming out of her mouth. I chose a woman’s mouth because women tend to be gossip queens. My pattern showed people trying to keep a secret and the mouths are also there to show laughter. Sort of like a sneaky laughter, to show that people’s secrets are not being kept. This project was fair because I struggled a bit in the beginning, but eventually got the hang of it. The concept of my metaphor came together. I could apply this knowledge to future work scenarios by expanding my ideas in design and interpretation.

Color Schemes


I learned some great color schemes and how specifically how to draw using the pen tool. I found this project to be difficult in some aspects, simply because I did not know how to draw or put anything together. My submission could have been improved by turning it in earlier. The professor could improve the assignment for next class by creating images that are difficult to make, this way there could be a challenge to students. I will apply my knowledge to this by creating more images to practice better gradients and eventually create animated images. There was no specific reading or video that helped inspire me for this project. The first image is urban. What makes this a split complementary scheme is the blue and purple, followed by the yellowish-orange. The desert image is of analogous colors because the hills are different shades of the same color. My aquatic image is triadic because of the purple, green and blue colors. My extraterrestrial is a complementary scheme because my background color and light is orange and my UFO is blue.

What’s the big issue with the MTA?

New York City’s transportation has not been the most the reliable type of transportation. The fare for the MTA has risen dramatically; where every cent counts. Since the year 2009, the public fare was $2.25. As the years carried on, continued to go up; in the year 2013, the cost increased a quarter, $2.50. Lastly, in 2015, the metro fare became $2.75. The fare prices increased because the MTA demanded higher pay, which is understandable, however, it should leave some money left over.

The MTA workers are getting paid to conduct trains, construct tracks, drive busses and maintain cleanliness, yet still fails to please NYC citizens. The trains and busses nearly break down making passengers late for work. Most of the time, public transportation is filthy. Thus being, there is vomit on the floors, urine on the ground; rumor has it NYC is ranked the dirtiest city in New York State. The actual question here is, where does the money go? There aren’t any improvements with sanitation and there aren’t any new busses or trains. So, where is the money going?

President Hurley’s Plans for Canisius College

Opinion Piece

Canisius College President John Hurley has fulfilled his authoritative position by contributing to the community and campus. Hurley attended college at Notre Dame Law School at no expense. He said, “I, unfortunately for those who have to pay for school, attended school absolutely free, debt free” which is tolerable for those whom have to pay tuition out of pockets, but is also a bit unfair. I consider it unfair because it seems as if he was just granted the beauty of life by the class he participates in, and did not have to work nearly as hard as students today.

Had students known President Hurley went to school for free; the outbreak of the lowered tuition would make valuable sense. Many students are confused on the tuition and have many unanswered questions. This lowered rate of tuition causes scholarships to be taken away, and has students wondering, “why hasn’t this happened long ago?”. We look around campus and wonder where does our $63,000 go to? The dining hall food is tragic, there are not much food options around campus, the campus is small, there are buildings that are not put to use, and there are rumors roaming around campus that the money we put up for the school goes to statues that represent Canisius College.

President Hurley plans to turn the buildings that are not put into use; into renting apartments to the public. Since the school’s tuition decreased, it has put a hold on student enrollment which caused the access to other dorm buildings to be cut. Personally, I believe the unused residential houses should be transformed into food courts for the campus. This benefits the community as a whole and we would know where our money toward Canisius College would be going to. Although President Hurley’s work goes unnoticed by the Canisius students, his authoritative position is much appreciated by the students and staff.

Feature of Stefanie Loh

Stefanie Loh is a female sports journalist in a predominately male field. Loh receives a number of negative comments about being a woman in a man’s field of work. Loh was born and raised in Singapore but is currently residing in Seattle, Washington. Stefanie moved from Singapore to the United States because she viewed herself as an “unaccepted being” from her own hometown. She believed America was the home of the free, acceptance by others and place of comfort. During her upbringing, she felt degraded by her family because she was a lesbian. Loh came to America seeking an acceptance group, and hoping for a better lifestyle.

During Loh’s high school years, she was introduced to football. While her and her family does not understand any basis of sports, Loh was self-taught with football. She would stay during every football event or games and learn the rules of football on her own. Stefanie Loh figured she would be a sports media reporter and was inspired by writing for football teams. She experienced backlash about being a female reporter from professional athletes along with male reporters. According to Loh, being a female journalist, it was difficult to catch a job being a for even being a woman.

Stefanie Loh attended University of Oregon to pursue a career in sports journalism. Canisius College journalism professor, Daniel Higgins, a friend of Stefanie Loh vouches for Loh as she has witnessed and had been a victim of misogyny throughout her college career. Higgins, taking after the interest of journalism at Oregon said, “Stefanie and I were sent on a quest to cover an NFL story a couple years back and she went through more competition than me, trying to get interviews with athletes.”

Higgins described Loh to be a dedicated reporter, known to go after a story she knew would grab readers attention and passionate about her writing. Loh became obsessed with reporting the game and has found it quite difficult to give up the career of her dreams because of couple competitions to get the story. While it may have been a difficult task for her to report important stories of the NFL with such a male dominated industry, she finds ways to keep her reporting at a higher interest than the journalist.


As a female reporter in the industry, you’re not always taken so seriously. Loh said, “I’ve come to realize is that well, no, things are not exactly the same now for women as they are for men. They’re significantly improved based on some of the stories that I’ve heard from some of the women in generations before us, who really had to fight those battles to allow women to walk into locker rooms and do their jobs.” Stefanie is a strong supporter of women’s right since she’s experienced harsh, negative comments about being a woman and being interested in a male sport. Women today are being taken as a joke when they participate in men’s sports conversations. Men believe that women speak of this topic for attention, and not necessarily aware of what they’re speaking of. It becomes impressive to men when women prove that they can engage in sport conversations. However, Loh is passionate of what she knows and can write. She uses her writing to help other women in the world to be confident with their work as women. According to Loh, it becomes easier as time progresses.

Loh says, “It benefits being a female in the industry because God forbid an accident happened with one of the athletes, we win over the emotional support with families, which can be an advantage to stories. But, you also have to be careful because you gained the trust of these families and you don’t want to break that trust because it can get in the way of your job” Keeping a relationship with clients can sell a great story; however maintaining a relationship and keeping secrets that could benefit the story can be difficult to balance.

Stefanie Loh is a proud member of the LGBTQ community and the Association for Women in Sports Media. Stefanie circles her life around the idea of comforting the gender of women and doing something she loves most, gathering information for the Seattle Seahawks. She has battled sexist situations and comments by writing about them and proving that she is allowed to be in love with the sport of football just as equally as others can be.

A Decrease in Tuition


A proposal for a 10 percent decrease in tuition has been considered for all students: in-state, out-of-state, graduate students and undergraduate students.

The president of the university stated, “I am extremely pleased that the board has seen fit to follow our recommendations on lowering tuition costs. With more and more people attending junior colleges and other universities in the state, we have recognized that those who want to come to this university must have some relief.”

Later followed by:

“Unfortunately, of course, the board’s actions will have some negative effects on some parts of the university. Cutting tuition means a reduction in our income, and that reduction will have to be made up in other areas. We will not be able to offer as many of the programs as we have in the past. The faculty and staff members whose programs will be eliminated will be absorbed into other areas of the university. The students attending these programs, of course, must find alternatives.”

The following programs will be cut:

women’s studies, ornithology department, arts and sciences honors program, women’s golf team, men’s golf team, human resources management institute, university hosts and hostesses program, and the department of Eastern languages. The geology department will be merged with the geography department.

The Lucky Two

award-1714292_960_720.jpgEach year, there’s an honorary award for those whom perform outstanding contributions to the state or to society. Two lucky people will receive this award and it will be held at 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 14, in the Memorial Coliseum.

The award goes to the following for:

George T. Hale, 63, a fellow graduate of the university; class of 1965. Hale is a millionaire who has donated thousands of dollars to the Development of Educational Television at major universities in the state. Hale also built a camp for handicapped adults, in which more than 300 individuals attend.

Rachael Cabanas, 44, graduating class of 1982’s Goucher College, also completed law school in Harvard. She is being honored by the university for her “honesty and integrity in making difficult choices in a complex world and succeeding despite numerous obstacles.”

Her famous book, Breaking Through has impacted many women and also won her a Pulitzer Prize.

The Exit of Bob Wilkinson


A dedicated purchasing agent, Bob Wilkinson will be released from Mountain East Medical Hospital after years of work. There has been a feud and a couple of criticisms between the hospital’s Board of Directors and the head of the Purchasing Department, Bob Wilkinson.

Wilkinson has been criticized for his abilities to do purchase practices, in spite of the fact that the board of directors ordered him to cut costs by 15 percent.

Wilkinson will be replaced by Johnny Toler, who has dedicated thirteen years of his life to the hospital. Bob Wilkinson will take a job as a purchasing agent with the City Memorial Hospital. Toler has much experience in pharmacy as he began his career as an assistant druggist in the hospital.

Both the Hospital Administrator, Harry Illscott and Toler gave their input on the release of Bob Wilkinson.

Hospital administrator Harry Illscott had this comment: “Bob’s abilities will be greatly missed at this hospital, but I know that Johnny Toler is a person we can all depend on to do whatever is necessary to keep his department going. I have great faith in him and in this hospital.”

Toler gave the following statement: “This hospital means a great deal to me and my family, and I will give my best efforts to making our purchasing department the best. I learned from a fine man—Bob Wilkinson—and I hope I can continue to build on the foundation he established.”